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Baoding Lida Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
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Lida Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has developed rapidly
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    With the social development, China's rapid development in recent years, a number of industries, including plastic pipe is one of the fastest growing industries, so as to continuously improve the level of science and technology, plastic, more and more types of products, now more popular is pvc plastic sheet and pipe, pvc products in life is still relatively common, and it is more popular products.
    In recent years, China's plastic sheet companies and manufacturers are constantly increases, Lida Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is China in recent years a new type of plastic products company, with its high-quality service and excellent products have been consumers alike, and more is the result of their own efforts to become a leader in China's plastic pipe industry, and its products in the domestic popularity, but there is a lot of products are exported to foreign countries, by foreign consumers.
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