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Pvc sheet Features
UpdateTime£º2013-10-23 15:46:14    
    Pvc sheet is now the most popular and most popular consumer panel, then why is it popular with consumers do? What performance characteristics do it?
    1 good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali can
    2 waterproof performance outstanding, with good water resistance
    3 colorful, diverse, according to the actual needs of individual preferences and choose
    4 Insulation
    5. Noise effects
    6 light texture, convenient construction, can save a lot of manpower and material resources
    7 lower prices for most consumers
    8 fire performance
    9 long life, can be used in more than 50 years
    Of course, in addition to these, pvc sheet there are many features and benefits, I believe that with the development of society and the technological level, pvc sheet performance will be better, it will become more and more practical, it is still very broad market prospects the.
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